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-Transgender Friendly-

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A Bit About Smooth Reflections

Who We Are

Smooth Reflections is a boutique hair removal studio where all clients will feel welcomed and appreciated.  The studio is a clean, comfortable environment, run by a local professional that cares about your experience, stays on schedule to be respectful of your time and wants to make sure you feel comfortable no matter which area is being treated.  What makes us unique from other laser hair removal spas is that we offer both laser & electrolysis!  Laser targets the pigment in the hair so it is ideal for darker hair types.  If you have blonde, white or grey hair, laser is less effective.  The lighter hair types can be treated with electrolysis.  Laser is permanent hair reduction.  Therefore, you may see a couple of hairs that just don’t go away with laser.  To treat those hairs, we would be able to follow up the laser treatment with electrolysis!  Smooth Reflections also offers the newest technology in laser hair removal. Our laser is equipped with a sapphire contact cooling tip making for a faster, safer and much more comfortable hair removal experience! 

We want you to feel good about yourself whether it's just buying more time by not shaving, getting rid of razor burn and red, ingrown hair bumps, or an underlying medical condition that is causing unwanted hair growth- we are here to help you :)